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The Art and Science of Brand Awareness: A Comprehensive Guide

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This guide will look at the different ways you can create brand awareness for your business. A strong brand is one of the most important aspects of a successful business, and it is essential to use every tool possible to maintain that strength. We’ll discuss the importance of developing a consistent message and looking into social media marketing strategies that can help you grow your fan base and give them a reason to buy from you again and again!

What is brand awareness? How does it relate to your business goals and objectives? What steps can you take to increase or create a successful campaign that will help boost sales and establish an impressive online presence for your company, service, product or brand? These are all questions we’ll answer in this comprehensive guide. Let’s get started.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is crucial for success in any industry – it’s what connects you with consumers and helps them remember who you are and make a purchase decision. Brand Awareness is the key to growing your business, especially if you aren’t well-known or have existing customers already using your product/service.

It’s important to note that brand awareness can be broken down into the top of mind and category/brand specific. Top-of-mind is when you can recall a particular brand or product without any additional information. At the same time, category or brand-specific means your memory is triggered by asking about the type of product or brand.


Brand awareness is one of the most critical components of brand marketing. It’s also not easy to measure how you are growing your following or building an audience for your business, project or nonprofit organisation. Marketers can look at their progress by measuring impressions, which means they have reached a new person with their message. Impressions are not the same as clicks or page views – those numbers only indicate how many times your website is accessed. Brand awareness is vital for marketers to measure because it can predict revenue growth and market share. For example, seeing increases in clicks or page views on your site but not brand awareness could indicate that people might only be visiting once before leaving without even knowing who you are or what you do.

what is brand awareness

Brand awareness measurement

Brand Awareness Measurement is the first step to developing a strategy for increasing your brand awareness. 

Measurement is done by collecting data about how people feel about brands and comparing that data with the number of people aware your brand exists. So the first step in developing a strategy for increasing awareness measures what you have already achieved.

Brand awareness is measured using metrics – quantifiable data that measures how people feel about and recall brands.


Several different types of metrics are used to measure brand awareness, including:


  • Attention Metrics (Recall) track the extent to which your current customers remember your name or logo at a specific point in time. This can be done through focus groups, surveys, or simply by asking people to recall your name after being shown it. 
  • Brand Preference Metrics (Liking) measure how much a consumer likes your brand and whether they prefer one brand over another when given options in the same category. This is measured using questionnaires, online polls and interviews with consumers. 
  • Brand Connection Metrics (Ranking) demonstrate whether customers prefer your brand over a competitor’s or if they see it as on par with a competitor’s offering. A ranking metric is used to determine the customer’s perception of your brand compared to other brands within your industry segment. This can be done using questionnaires, online polls and interviews with consumers.

Brand awareness has many benefits for businesses, including:

  • Customer Loyalty – When customers know about your business and have a positive perception of it, they are more likely to become loyal customers because you stand out from the crowd. 
  • Greater Market Share – Being seen as an industry leader can lead to a more significant market share and a higher number of customers. 
  • Product Awareness – By increasing brand awareness, you give people the opportunity to see your product or service, increasing sales. 
  • Customer Trust – With increased brand awareness comes customer trust; this is especially evident in B2B relationships where buyers need more than just low prices. 
  • Lower Marketing Costs – The cost of acquiring new customers is much cheaper than retaining existing ones, so investing in brand awareness means you will have to spend less money on marketing over the long term.

Brand Awareness can be done through many different channels, including:

  • Public Relations – Using PR campaigns and media exposure to reach the broadest possible audience and increase awareness of your business. 
  • Social Media – Creating a presence on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is an easy way to reach more people at a low cost. Social media also provides customer feedback which can help you improve your brand image or product offering. 
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Creating exciting and valuable content that will rank highly on search engines like Google not only increases website traffic but also brand awareness.
  • eCommerce Websites – Online stores are an excellent way to make your product or service visible to the widest possible audience with minimal cost. 
  • Advertisements – Using paid advertisements on TV, radio and online to increase brand awareness.
  • Sponsorships – Use sponsorship deals to increase your brand’s exposure and reach new audiences. 


Today’s brands are more visible than ever before, but what does it take to make your company stand out? – Our answer is simple. The most effective way to get noticed online is through brand awareness content marketing strategies.

The right mix of art and science can help you reach the right audience at scale with creative ideas that actually move the needle.

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