How to increase conversion rates with digital marketing strategy

Conversion Rates

What are the most essential qualities that digital marketers need? Creativity, analytical skills and a strong understanding of internet marketing. But what about knowing how to create an effective landing page or how to optimise your site for SEO? These two factors can significantly impact conversion rates for any business trying to increase its online […]



Search engine optimisation will help to get yourself or your business visible. It is a long-term strategy that is a necessity for a successful online business today. Without paid advertising, it can ensure organic website traffic and e-shop orders. The most common SEO goal is a long-term increase in sales and easy search for information […]

What is a CMS?


CMS or Content Management System is an application used to create, edit and publish web content. It is usually stored in the database and is displayed thanks to a set of predefined templates. The advantage is that it can be used without in-depth technical knowledge, which means that content authors and managers can make changes […]