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8 Mistakes Emails Make That Destroy Brand Awareness

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What do you think of when you hear “email marketing?” Do you cringe? Does the thought make your skin crawl? If so, then this post is for you. We all know that email marketing is a great way to grow our businesses and stay in touch with customers. Still, if we don’t incorporate some simple changes into our current strategies, it can destroy brand awareness.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 8 email marketing mistakes often made that destroy brands.

Content First

Don’t give your emails the “blah” factor. Many brands approach email marketing like they’re writing a text message to their mom or best friend – but that’s not what you should be doing! Remember, when someone receives an email from your brand, it feels more personal than something on social media because it shows up directly in their inbox. You want to make sure that you’re using this personal connection for good and not evil!


When writing your following email, don’t tell customers what they already know or use tired cliches that have been done over and over again just because it’s expected of you. Instead, think about all the emails you’ve received in the past, and remember the ones that really got you excited to open them. They probably didn’t contain cliches or were highly similar to other emails in your inbox – they stood out because of their creativity!


Don’t forget about quality control. We all know that typos are wrong (and super embarrassing), but spelling mistakes can also destroy brand awareness by making you look unprofessional or unintelligent. No one wants to work with a company that doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your.”

email marketing mistakes

Timing can be everything

Don’t send emails at inconvenient times. Just like how it’s annoying when your phone interrupts important meetings, family dinners, or romantic moments for email alerts – surprise! It’s just as irritating when emails interrupt your shopping or binge-watching on Netflix. You may think that 24/48-hour response times are typical for an email, but you’re wrong! Customers don’t expect 100% immediate responses to their questions – they would actually prefer a timely “thank you” versus no reply at all.


Don’t give customers too much of a good thing. While we all love getting email updates and feel appreciated, it’s important to remember that our inboxes aren’t bottomless pits – they’re actually pretty small! So if you keep sending out emails with only product promotions or content about your brand without giving us any space to breathe in between those messages, then we’re going to get annoyed and unsubscribe.


Don’t forget about the CTA. One of the most essential parts of an email is its call-to-action – it’s what sets your email apart from other ones in our inboxes! Whether you want your subscribers to purchase a product, download something for free, or simply sign up for your email list, they must be clicking on the link you provide them. If there isn’t even a CTA in your emails, then customers will get lost and confused about what you want from them.


Don’t be too promotional with quotes or images of product promotions. I know people love seeing product promotions in their inboxes and want to shop. Still, it can actually backfire on you if your customers become too promotional with quotes or images of product promotions. This may surprise some brands, but most people don’t like seeing so many products advertised! If we wanted to see products every day, we would go online – not through our mailboxes.

Does the length really matter?

Don’t make the email too long! Customers don’t have all day to read a 20-page novel, and they sure as heck aren’t going to sit around reading your whole history of products for two hours straight if you send them an email with that much content in it. So keep everything short and sweet so people can read your emails as quickly as possible and move on with their day.

Don’t send too many follow-ups either! Just like how we don’t want to see product promotion after product promotion, we also don’t want to keep seeing you pop into our inboxes every couple of days asking us if we’ve read the email that was sent “yesterday.” This is really annoying and makes you look desperate for attention. If we don’t open your email the first time, chances are that we’re probably not going to open it again – even if this follow-up message was sent a year or two later by accident!


Don’t be unprofessional in emails. We all know that emails are meant to be short, sweet, and professional – so don’t send anything inappropriate for your brand! Yes, even if it’s just a funny email with something you think would make us smile. This type of thing makes people unfollow or unsubscribe to keep spam out of their inboxes.

email marketing mistakes

The sweet, sweet subject line

Don’t forget the subject line! The thing that goes hand-in-hand with sending too many follow-ups is forgetting to include a proper subject in your email. Yes, we know you have one – but if no title or anything is interesting about it at all, then chances are people aren’t going to open up your message. Things like “The newsletter!” and “Your daily email from XX” don’t precisely draw people in, so take the extra time to think of a catchy subject line that will make us want to open your mail!

Don’t ignore the subject line. In all of your emails, you need to make sure that people actually open them! There’s nothing more annoying than getting an email from a brand and having no idea what it’s about because there was no information in the title whatsoever. Make sure your customers know exactly what they’re going to get in their inbox!

Graphics and Visuals

Don’t forget about visuals. Images aren’t just for social media – they’re also critical when it comes to emails! While it’s tempting to send out long, text-heavy emails with no images at all in them, this is the type of email that people are going to scroll past quickly. If you want your subscribers to read every word and act on what they see, then make sure there are eye-catching visuals!


Don’t forget about images & links! We all know how annoying it is to get an email with nothing but text in it, so make sure you include pictures and links to other pages on your website. If people don’t like what they’re reading, then there’s a good chance that they won’t bother opening up any of the emails after this one!


Don’t forget about mobile users! With the number of people who have smartphones nowadays, your emails will be seen on a mobile device more than anything else. So if you don’t include any links or images at all in an email and make it hard for customers to read, they’re not going to bother opening up your message – even if there is important information inside.

Tips & Tricks

Measure It

Don’t forget about analytics! While it’s easy to send out emails and assume that people will open them, you can actually track your results with tools like Litmus or MailChimp to know if your message was opened. This is the only way for marketers to see what works and what doesn’t, so it’s crucial to find out what people like and dislike about their inboxes.

Include phone numbers

Don’t forget that phone numbers are clickable! This is the kind of thing that most email marketers forget (myself included!), but you can actually have a working number in your emails where customers can call you on demand. Whether this message is sent to a customer with no idea what they want or someone looking for a custom order, you can always include your phone number as an added bonus.

Make it personal

Don’t forget about personalization. This means including the customer’s name in your subject line (if you haven’t already) and sending emails to more than just one person. You want people to feel like they’re receiving something specifically made for them, so make sure everyone involved with a brand is on the same page when it comes to emailing customers.


One of the best ways to grow your brand awareness is through email marketing. Gone are the days where you could just send an obscure, impersonal blast out to a massive list and expect it to work wonders for your company. If you want more people opening up your emails or clicking on links inside them, then you’ll need to avoid these 8 mistakes that destroy brand awareness in one fell swoop. So what have been some strategies that have worked well for your business?

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