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5 Reasons Why You Need a Grad Job in the Creative Industry

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The creative industries are booming. From graphic design to marketing, recent graduates can find a job in this growing industry. In fact, the Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that employment for graphic designers will grow 12% by 2024 and advertising managers will grow 10%. But how do you get your foot in the door? 

Here are 5 reasons why you need a grads job in the creative industry!

1) You'll be able to work with cutting edge technology

Companies are always looking for new ways to improve their products or services. 

They might need an intern, but they probably have a graduate programme too – check out the website of your favourite companies and see what careers are available!

Graduate jobs in the creative industry can be found through company websites, job search engines such as Monster or Indeed or by using your social media connections.

Don’t be afraid to send out CVs and approach companies directly if you think they’re a good match for you! 

If you don’t find the type of work that interests you, try looking at smaller start-ups instead – their graduate schemes are often more informal. However, they can still give you some precious experience.

Check out the events calendar of industry-specific trade associations to see what upcoming graduate recruitment fairs are happening in your area. Of course, you could also go along and meet potential employers face to face! 

Keep an eye on job adverts, too – companies often recruit graduates for full-time roles at this point in their product development cycle.

In the creative industry, graduates have great opportunities for their first job – there aren’t usually any prerequisites you need before applying! 

The work put into your application could lead to landing your dream graduate job in technology, so don’t underestimate the importance of your CV.

Don’t be afraid to go for an interview even if you think there are thousands of other applicants – it’s not unheard of for people to get their first job through networking by following up with a contact they met at an event or career fair! 

Whatever happens, make sure you do some research before an interview to know precisely what the company does and why it’s an excellent opportunity for both of you.

2) There's plenty of opportunities available at competitive salaries

There’s plenty of options available at competitive wages for graduates to kick-start their career. Many agencies are growing and need new staff members with fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm. You have a high chance of being one step ahead when you graduate in this sector. There is often an oversupply of graduates.

3) Creative agencies have flexible hours and schedules

You may have to work late night shifts and weekend overtime. Still, overall creative agencies tend to allow employees a lot of flexibility regarding when they do their jobs. For example, with the rise in online business models, it is becoming more common for employees at all levels to check emails outside working hours or respond quickly if needed during evenings or weekends. This flexibility is worth taking into consideration when you are thinking about where to apply for graduate jobs.

4) It's an industry where creativity is rewarded and appreciated

The creative industry is a place where you can express yourself and your ideas and share them with others. In this environment, it’s unlikely that anyone will tell you what to do or how to think because everyone has different opinions on things. As a result, you won’t be stuck in a job role doing the same thing every day, and you’re likely to have a lot of freedom.

graduate jobs in creative industry

5) You get to work alongside the best minds in your field.

Not only do you get to work alongside some of the best minds in your industry, but it’s also a good opportunity for learning and development. Whether you’re new on the job or not, there is always something more that can be learned from those around you. In addition, you’ll have access to training opportunities and mentoring schemes where people who are more experienced or senior can help you grow in your role.

Graduate jobs in the creative industry:

  • have a good work environment
  • exciting tasks to do daily. They are never the same thing, so it’s always exciting!
  • lots of people who share your passion and interest in what you do. You can talk about it all day long if you want. There is no one telling you not to.
  • creativity is valued, not disregarded if it’s a little different to the norm. It doesn’t always mean that you are getting something wrong because of this!

What jobs are in the creative industry?

Here are some examples: art director, interior designer, graphic artist, animator (film or video), musician/composer, film crew member (lighting department), sound engineer for recording studios and live events like concerts and plays. Creative industries also include advertising, publishing and media.

When you think about the creative industry job titles, do they include anything that you enjoy? 

Do these jobs seem to be something that would suit your personality or skillset? 

If so, it could be an excellent idea for you to get into this line of work because there is such a high demand for creative jobs. 

graduate jobs in creative industry

Here are some essential things to remember when looking into the industry:

  • Creative jobs can be very competitive. So make sure you have a unique portfolio and a good skill set in your area of expertise. 
  • The work is often project-based, so it usually will not be a permanent job or long-term contract. 
  • Creative jobs are often found in bigger cities where there is a higher population of people who have creative backgrounds or work in the industry. 

Remember that while writing your portfolio, it should be unique. You don’t want to look like every other job seeker out there, so make sure you put effort into making yours stand out.


In conclusion, the creative industry is a great place to work. If you have been considering taking your career in this direction or are looking for a change of pace from traditional office jobs, investigate these opportunities today! Remember that it’s not just about finding an employer with flexible hours and competitive salaries – find one where creativity is valued and appreciated by management. Also, remember that if you learned something new today, don’t forget to share this article on social media so others can learn more too.

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