Experts Reveal the 6 Simple Actions That Will Increase Your Conversion Rate

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The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take the desired action on your website. It’s an essential metric for any business because it tells you how well your marketing efforts are working. If you want to increase sales, growing your conversion rates should be one of your top priorities! This blog post will share simple actions that will help you increase conversions and generate more revenue for your business.

1) Provide Clear Calls-to-Action

The first thing that every company needs to do is provide clear calls-to-action, so people know what they need to do next after filling out their contact form or downloading a brochure from the site. For example, if someone wants to download a brochure, your call-to-action should say “Download Your Brochure Here”. This will give them an obvious path to follow and reduce any confusion.

Begin by creating a list of all the activities that your visitors can do on your website. Then ask yourself what action would be best for each activity? You might also want to create separate pages with more detailed information about these actions if needed. For example, depending on what you’re offering, calls-to-action could include things like “Subscribe”, “Get a Quote”, or “Start My Work”.

Here are some examples of good calls-to-action: – Get Started Now, Download Brochure Here!

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Avoid confusing, vague or generic calls-to-action like “Sign Up”, “Submit”, and “Click Here”. Instead, use specific language to encourage people to take the next step. The more descriptive you are about what’s on offer from a visitor’s perspective, the better! Your copywriting skills should also be on point, so make sure you take the time to write your calls-to-action correctly.

When creating a call-to-action for all of these activities on your site, keep in mind that it should be consistent throughout. The same action should always yield the same result; this way, visitors know what they’re getting into when they click on your offers.

2) Use Quality Images

Another essential factor that impacts conversion rates is the quality of your images.

People are visual creatures, so it’s no surprise that they’re more likely to take action on a website if it looks good and professional. The use of high-resolution photos will definitely help you increase conversions. When choosing which pictures to include in your marketing campaign, try to find ones that feature people and convey a sense of professionalism. For example, if your business is in the fashion industry, showing women wearing high-end clothing will work better than just general photos of models or clothes on hangers.

Suppose you don’t have access to professional photographers who can take quality images for you. In that case, you can always use free stock images. In addition, many sites like Pexels and Unsplash allow anyone to download royalty-free, high-resolution photos for commercial and personal projects.

Your website’s main image should also be consistent with your branding, so people know who they’re buying from right off the bat! Remember that it needs to stand out from the rest of your site, so it makes a lasting impression on visitors.

Make sure to use high-resolution images at least 1300px wide and have an aspect ratio between 16:09 – 19:19. Otherwise, they will look blurry or distorted on different devices. If you’re using photos for products, then make sure they give a clear representation of the product being sold – don’t just use images that have been taken from other websites.

Images are also an excellent way to make your site mobile-friendly since smartphones generally can’t load high-resolution images due to their limited storage space. However, you’ll need to make sure they aren’t too small, so they look unprofessional.

For images that will be used in your blog posts, you’re better off using free stock photos since it’s more cost-effective than hiring someone to take pictures for you. Plus, there are some great sites like Pixabay and Pexels that allow anyone to download them for business or personal use!

Blogs are also a great way to drive traffic back to your site since they will be indexed by search engines like Google. This is especially useful if you’re running an SEO campaign and want more people to find your website easily when searching for relevant keywords. As long as your blog posts contain high-quality content that’s actually beneficial or helpful to your target audience, then it will be helpful for you as well!

3) Increase Social Media Presence

One of the most effective ways how to increase conversion rate is increasing your social media presence. This includes having a Facebook business page that people can follow or liking relevant pages on Instagram and Twitter. Hence, they know what’s going on with your brand.

Social media platforms are great for sending out announcements or sharing exclusive content related to your business, which can be an excellent way to attract new visitors. They’re also perfect for engaging with people who have already visited your site and might want more information about what you offer! This is why it’s essential to make sure your website’s social media buttons are visible since they give people the option to follow you without leaving their current page.

You can also use sites like Facebook Lead Ads or Hello Bar to create customized pop-ups that allow visitors to sign up for a newsletter right when they visit your site! This is an excellent way of building rapport with potential customers since they already have a reason to stay on your site and see what else you have to offer.

Social media is also an excellent way for people interested in your business but haven’t visited it yet! They’ll be able to get updates about any new products or sales you’re offering, which might encourage them to make a purchase. Plus, you can follow their profiles and get to know them better through direct messages or posts since they’ll be more likely to remember your business when they’re ready!

4) Forums

Another method that’s been shown to increase conversions is by starting discussions on forums related to your product’s industry. This allows people from the same drive to see that you’re knowledgeable in your field, which can inspire trust and confidence.

Remember that forums are an excellent way to leave feedback about what they like or dislike about certain products! However, you should make sure not to argue with them if it’s something negative. This would give the impression that you don’t care about their opinion and might even cause them to find another product.

Whether positive or negative, forums are an excellent place for you to get constructive criticism about your products that can help improve the quality of future releases! You should also make sure that you answer any questions visitors ask on your website or through email since they’ll be able to see that you’re willing to go the extra mile for their satisfaction.

5) Use Video Content

One of the best ways to engage your audience is by using video content! It’s not just about uploading videos on YouTube or Facebook but making sure they appear prominently throughout your website so people can find them easily when doing research.

Video content is a great way to get people’s attention since it provides more information in less time – perfect for busy customers looking at ways to improve their current situation. But, of course, you should make sure that you have the video embedded adequately, so people know where or how to watch them! It’ll also be beneficial if your videos include subtitles. This will allow people who don’t understand English to still get the main idea of what you’re trying to convey.

Video content is also great for getting your business name out there! For example, you can create product reviews that go over all the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing one item or do a Q&A video where you answer any questions potential customers might have. It’s also a great way to show your personality and make people fall in love with the brand!

increase conversion rate

6) Use Social Proof

One of the best ways to increase conversions is by leveraging social proof on your website! This could be from customer reviews, testimonials, logos for companies that use your product, or even quotes from your customers.

Social proof can work because it gives people peace of mind that you’re doing business with other companies similar to them! In addition, this will make them feel more confident about spending their money on your product since they know others are already thrilled with what you have to offer. It’ll also be beneficial to include links to the different places where you’re being recommended, so visitors will have an easy time finding them.

increase conversion rate


If you’re looking to increase your conversion rate, these six simple actions are a great place to start. They don’t require any significant changes or investments of time and money – just some minor tweaks that can have tremendous results. Of course, you may not be able to convert all prospects into customers with these techniques. Still, research indicates they will work for the vast majority of people who visit your site. So which of these 6 tips did you find most interesting?

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