Social media marketing: How does it affect consumer buying decisions?

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Social media marketing is a hot topic these days. With the surge of new social media sites, it’s hard to keep up with all of them and how they can be used for your business. But one thing that many marketers are finding is that consumers are using their profiles more often when making purchase decisions. This blog post will discuss what social media marketing means to consumers and how you should use it in your strategy!

How does social media marketing work?

Social media marketing is a way to market products by developing relationships with your consumer. It involves using social networking sites, blogs and other online platforms to reach out to consumers. You can also print posters or make TV/radio commercials for promoting your product on these platforms. The platform allows you to get in touch with users directly. With social media platforms growing exponentially every day, it has become an excellent channel for promoting products or services by using the internet.

The effects of social media on consumer buying decisions

According to the Consumer Buying Decision Process, consumers make buying decisions based on emotion or feelings and justify those decisions with facts. Unfortunately, people tend to rely more heavily on emotions when making a buying decision in today’s society. That is why social media has become such an essential part of marketing for businesses online.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using social media for marketing?

The benefits of using social media for marketing are that it is a free, accessible online platform where people can choose their method of communication. For example, some customers prefer to use Twitter or Facebook rather than emailing the company. Because they may not receive an immediate answer if they have questions about their order. 

The drawback with these platforms is that you don’t have as much control over the conversation. For example, customers can post negative comments about your business. It’s challenging to remove those from online searches unless you start a social media campaign asking people to take them down.

COVID-19 social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Case Study - Nike's "Just Do It" Campaign

Many marketers consider the Nike “Just Do It” campaign one of the best marketing campaigns. 

Its success is that it managed to capture attention and encourage people everywhere, both in-person and online. The social media age has opened up worldwide audiences that can respond instantly to any brand’s message. This coincides perfectly with the Nike campaign because it gave people motivation to keep working towards their goals. 

The “Just Do It” ad was first seen in 1988 and has since been used as a theme for other ads still being marketed today. Even though many advertisers have tried to mimic this particular advertising strategy, none can compare to how successful the Nike campaign was. 

The “Just Do It” ad did not only resonate with professional athletes, but it also reached out to everyday people motivated by the famous tagline. The commercial showed a man named Eric Avar running through different barriers in his path to show that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams as long as you are strong-minded enough.

It is safe to say that Nike’s social media campaign was highly effective because it encouraged people everywhere, both in-person and online, to keep pushing for their goals. This ad will go down as one of the greatest ever made because its message remains relevant even today. 

Nike social media campaign

How to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube for your business

The power of social media is immense and can help boost your business by leaps and bounds. Here are some tips for using the right platforms that will not only attract customers but also generate leads for you:

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube for showcasing new products or services? Then it’s important to post regular updates on it.

Don’t just get stuck in the social media bubble! You will have to get out of your comfort zone if you want success with the power of social media.

If you are unsure where to begin, start small by taking an active interest in other people’s posts and commenting on them or sharing their content.

You don’t have to post only about your brand but also share relevant content. This will make you popular among the right audience, and they’ll start following you out of curiosity. However, if you’re not good at creating individual posts, then hire a professional social media manager for your business!

Tips on how to effectively use Facebook ads or Instagram stories

One of the most under-estimated social media platforms is Facebook. It has been a platform for personal use. Still, many have failed to see it as an advertising tool that can benefit their business significantly. There are two ways companies today utilize this powerful marketing medium: through ads and stories. 

The first tip is to keep everything as clear and concise as possible. In an era where people have a brief attention span, companies need to understand that they should not lose their audience in one go. This means being able to explain what your business does or selling a product within the first few seconds of appearing on someone’s feed. 

The second tip is to make use of visuals. This means keeping a consistent theme in your ads and the stories you post on Facebook or Instagram. Utilizing pictures, videos, infographics, and other engaging media can give companies a much-needed edge over their competitors when reaching out to more people online. In fact, data has shown that Facebook users are 81% more likely to buy a product if they see it on the platform.

The final tip is not necessarily for those looking to use ads, but rather for anyone trying to sell a product or service online through social media: be personable! It does not matter how good your ad looks if the person in it looks less than desirable. Instead, ensure that your employees and spokespeople look professional yet approachable. An excellent example of this is Uniqlo’s Facebook page: they have a consistent theme with their ads and stories while showing that their employees are just like everyone else!

Other ways to incorporate social media into your company's marketing strategy

Another way to incorporate social media into your company’s marketing strategy is to use it as a customer service channel. With so many companies using social media, consumers will often turn to sites like Facebook and Twitter to resolve issues with their products or services. These days, many companies are using social media networks to communicate with their customers.

Ways vary from creating a Facebook page to simply tweeting about your product. Likewise, the ways you can use social media to connect with customers differ as well. Still, some general ideas will help you understand how consumers respond and digest information on these platforms.


In today’s market, where everyone is busy and always connected through their phones, utilizing images and video is an easy way to get your message across.

Keeping a blog

Blog allows customers looking for more information about you, the company or the product to find it in one central location on your website. It also gives them another avenue of communication with you if they have questions or comments! 

Integrating social media on your site

Sites like Facebook and Twitter can also be combined with other sites such as Yelp or Google, so customers looking for more information about you don’t have to leave the website they are currently on. 

Keeping an active presence

It is important to post new content and respond to comments and answer questions from customers.

Reaching out to influencers

Some people have a large following on social media. Therefore, it can be beneficial for your business if you target them as an audience. For example, someone with 100K followers could potentially tweet about your company and send many potential new customers your way! 

Examples of companies that have had success with their own social media campaigns (and why they were successful)

Coca Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign increased sales by a minimum of $80 million just in the first year alone. The success was attributed to how well it connected with their audience and made them feel like they were part of something fun while also getting their name out at the same time. It essentially turned every bottle of Coca Cola into a marketing tool.

Oreo created their own Super Bowl commercial and aired it on Twitter about 30 seconds before the CBS broadcast began, with limited text to generate discussion among viewers as they watched together. It was seen by more than 15 million people within an hour of being posted, which helped increase sales by 11%.

Old Spice created a social media campaign that allowed people to follow along with their newest spokesperson, Isaiah Mustafa (nicknamed the “man your man could smell like”), on his journey to get new members for his fan club. As a result, the number of applications increased by 66%, and sales increased 11%. It was considered very successful because it increased sales and created a connection between the product and how it made people feel.

Domino’s Pizza has seen great success through its use of Twitter. Not only to create engagement with potential customers but also to allow them an outlet for customer service issues that would have previously gone unanswered or been handled poorly by phone call. They have also used it to provide real-time updates on their products, which has led to increased sales.

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After reading this article, we hope you gained some valuable insight on how social media can be used for marketing. For example, the case study of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign proved that by simply telling people to do something and giving them a specific call to action, their sales increased dramatically. Even if your company doesn’t make physical products like shoes or clothing, there are many ways to engage with potential customers through social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram Stories. 

As always, don’t forget to share the post!

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