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How to start an e-Commerce website from scratch

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In the previous blog, we discussed what e-commerce is and what its basic types are. Today we will discuss something about how to start an e-commerce website from scratch.

Due to the current situation, many sellers close stores, and a part has switched to online sales to at least somehow retain clients and income. In the past, shopping online was a luxury, but it is a matter of course today.


So let’s see what you should concentrate your focus on if you are starting e-commerce from scratch.

1. Domain Name

If you already have an existing store or brand, choosing a domain name will be easier. However, if you start from the beginning, think about what you offer your customers and what services and products you sell. It would be best to create something catchy, short and original, which attracts the customer so they will remember you. Start building your brand identity immediately.

2. Website Design

As with the name of the domain, the site’s design should leave something in the visitor. It should be an experience, maybe something funny or play on customer’s feelings. You need to focus on your target market and adapt the overall look. It should not be forgotten that the website should be fast, simple, straightforward, easy to use and, last but not least, mobile-friendly and SEO optimized.

3. Fast & Clear

It is essential to keep everything as straightforward as possible; you shouldn’t forget detailed product descriptions. The more you can describe, the better. Even if a picture is attached, it doesn’t matter! Describe the colour, material, size and instructions for use. You have to convince the client that the product you are offering is the one and exactly what they are looking for. It is worthy of having the possibility of searching on the site so that the customers can get to what they’re looking for faster.

The speed of the page, like all the things mentioned before, is one of the most critical aspects of the website. Would you stay on the site and continue shopping if the loading took you an unbelievably long time, or even if the website stopped responding to you just before payment and you had to go through the whole process again? I would not!

4. Security

In today’s online world, an unsecured site poses a risk to the customer. Therefore, if your site is not secured, you could lose many customers because they have security concerns when paying or entering personal information. You can read more about Secure Socket Layer and website security here.

5. What platform is the best for e-commerce?


The question of price is interesting for everyone. How much is a reasonable price? The design and development of the site can typically range from £3,000 up to 9,000. To this are added fees for maintenance and additional services.

Many things can be confusing, so we are here for you, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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