What is PPC?

Pay-per-click is a form of online marketing, where marketers pay every time a user clicks on their ad. This form of advertising is suitable for any type of business. We can say that it is buying visits to your site instead of organically earning visits. PPC is a useful way to increase sales or also brand awareness.


The Main PPC Platforms

Google Ads

Google Ads was first introduced in 2000 and began with 350 ads. It is one of the largest and most widely used forms of pay-per-click today. Sometimes it’s a key to how to be visible. Only a few have not yet come across advertisements in the results of their search. Ads are usually in the first three places. After ads, you can see the pages that got there organically. Because Google receives a lot of traffic daily, it can be a good idea to place your ad here. When a user enters their keywords into the search engine, Google starts hunting in the system of ads and shows the ones that are most relevant and meet the entered keywords.

Google Ads

Among other factors that affect PPC, focusing on these can give you a better campaign outcome:

Note: In recent times, Google has offered SME clients who use Google AdWords credit for free. You can learn more about it here.


Microsoft Advertising is known as Bing Ads and works similarly to Google Ads. The main difference between the two platforms is the market size and reach. A lot of people ask if it’s worth advertising on Bing. In terms of appearance, the ads on both platforms would look similar. However, it can be cheaper if your ad runs on Bing, and it can bring you a higher profit.


Other Pay-per-click Platforms

Of course, it’s possible to place your ads on platforms other than the ones we mentioned above. These include :

In conclusion, it is really up to you which platform you choose for your advertising, depending on who is your target market, targeted location, campaign budget and other factors. PPC is an excellent form of digital marketing strategy, and its flexibility has shown that It has positive results.

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