Search engine optimisation will help to get yourself or your business visible. It is a long-term strategy that is a necessity for a successful online business today. Without paid advertising, it can ensure organic website traffic and e-shop orders. The most common SEO goal is a long-term increase in sales and easy search for information about your brand through Google or other search engines.

It is not just about search engine optimisation but also about improving a website for its visitors. It has a significant impact on the conversion rate. For example, if it’s an online store, it will affect how many visitors buy. Ultimately, it helps increase marketing effectiveness. Due to the complexity and long-term benefits of search engine optimisation, it is necessary to address it in the long term and regularly, at least based on several hours per month. Only then you can respond to online trends and SEO factors that change frequently.


SEO & Content

The average user may not even realise it, but every single web search falls into one of three categories that can help marketers to learn more about customer’s intent :

  1. Navigational – the user knows the brand but uses Google or another browser to search for a specific website (e.g. Adobe)
  2. Informational – this search includes countless queries. The user wants to find out information about something such as service, product, company or common question (e.g. How to cook lasagne?)
  3. Transactional – the user enters a request and is ready to make a payment for a specific service or product (e.g. flight tickets to Hong Kong)

The conclusion is that with a combination of SEO and content, marketers can influence the customer regardless of whether they are in the search or purchase phase.

Choose a reliable partner for your marketing. At MKKF, the client and his success come first. Therefore, we only propose marketing activities that have real potential to achieve the set goals. In addition, we consider transparency to be one of our fundamental values, so our clients know exactly what they are paying for and what results from individual activities can bring.

SEO is an essential part of today’s digital world, and if you need help with this, write to us at [email protected] or call +44 7305 055725.

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