We recently saw the release of a new version of WordPress 5.5, named in honour after the late jazz singer Billy Eckstine. WordPress now released the second major version in 2020.

In this version of WordPress 5.5, we have seen many improvements and new features such as…

Trinity – Speed, Search & Security


At first glance, we can notice that the pages and the posts themselves load faster, all thanks to the lazy-loaded images, this improvement was supposed to be in version WP 5.4, but probably not ready for release in time.


After the new WordPress 5.5, it also includes an XML sitemap, thanks to which it is possible to discover the most essential pages almost immediately after their publication. This means that your site will be found by people sooner, which will give you more time to get involved or turn them into your customers or anything that suits your ideas for business and success.


 Updates for Plugins & Themes by Uploading ZIP Files

 It is now possible to set update plugins and themes automatically, so you can be sure that your site runs with the latest code available.

 If you are one of the people who would instead do everything themselves manually, it will be easier for you! Now you can upload a zip file to update the theme or plugin you have already installed on your website. From the Plugins Add new menu tab, you can download a zip file of any plugin or theme you have already established to update it.

New Features in the Block Editor

Also, in 2018, the block editor, the so-called Gutenberg, was introduced in WordPress 5.0.

 Since then, each new release of WordPress has brought countless improvements and modern conveniences that magnify your writing experience. 

– And these features mentioned above are just a small part of the presented news.

Changes for the Developers

WP 5.5 brings many changes also for developers only.
  1. Server-side registered blocks in the REST API – Adding block type ends means that the JavaScript application can retrieve definitions for any blocks registered on the server.
  2. Defining Environments – WP now has a standard way of defining the type of environment. Retrieve that type with and execute only the appropriate code.
  3. Dashicons – The Dashicons library has received its final update in 5.5. It adds 39 block editor icons along with 26 others.
  4. Passing data to the template – The template loading functions (get_header(), get_template_part(), etc.) have a new $args argument. So now you can pass an entire array’s worth of data to those templates.

More changes:

And so much more … 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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